Guess what? Sweetheart Vegan Bakery spring orders are now open!

I have a secret: I do NOT like plants. Specifically, the kind you keep in your house. I swear I love plants in other contexts…​I mean, I’m vegan! I enjoy eating them, baking with them, and even looking at them outside (where they belong). But I have absolutely no interest in keeping them in my house, caring for them, propagating them (a term I’ve been hearing a lot lately)…​none of that. I’ve been told by friends that this is the single most surprising/incongruous thing about my personality.

That said, I ADORE spring. It feels so hopeful and fresh, in a way that somehow manages to feel new each and every year. The dirty, dog pee-drenched snow banks begin to melt, Starbucks releases new drinks (Iced Toasted Vanilla Oatmilk Shaken Espresso!!!), and vitamin D pours down from the heavens.

To celebrate this time of year (and hopefully speed it up a little bit!), I’ve opened up orders for the months of March through May! You’ll find plenty of old favorites on the menu, plus five spring seasonal items!

Let’s meet them, shall we?

1. Lemon Lavender Shortbread Squares

These are so flavorful and delicate. They feel like something one should savor over afternoon tea with the queen. Buttery, crumbly, and full of bright lemon flavor and cute little lavender flowers. (Psst, if you’re missing the Earl Grey Shortbread Squares from the Sweetheart Holiday Collection, I think you’ll love these!).

lemon cookies
2. Ma’amoul

This is my dad’s recipe for a Middle Eastern classic! Ma’amoul are tender butter cookies stuffed with a nut or date filling (I’m going with my personal favorite here…​medjool dates!), shaped in a special mold, and dusted with powdered sugar. They’re usually served for celebrations like Ramadan or Orthodox Easter!

3. Rosemary Chocolate Chip Scones

These might be my favorite scones ever. They’re so simple, but the fresh rosemary and sweet chocolate chips pair so well together. They’re a must for spring brunch, IMO.

4. Habibi Cake

BIG NEWS, y’all. I’ve been working my butt off trying to get my cake menu approved for sale. Long story short, it’s a slow and costly process! So, it’s a huge milestone for Sweetheart Vegan Bakery that I’m now able to offer my very first cake: the Habibi. Habibi means "sweetheart" (more or less) in Arabic, and this cake reflects its name perfectly: layers of pistachio rose cake, pistachio halawa filling (halawa is a crumbly sesame candy that is super delicious!), floral rose buttercream, toasted pistachios, and salted pistachio brittle.

5. Ferrero Boulders

These are my take on those pretty little gold foil-wrapped hazelnut candies that I used to think were the HEIGHT of class (still do, TBH). Only thing is, I’m not that classy, so mine are rather…​jumbo…​in size. But that’s how I like them. Toasty, crunchy hazelnuts, smooth chocolate, crispy hazelnut wafers, and decadent homemade Nutella filling. Yes, please!


That’s all! So say a prayer for Mother Gaia and enjoy seasonal treats all spring long.