What a way to end 2021! Last month I was honored to be featured in two local publications.

I made my TV ~debut~ in the Belmont Journal, decorating cookies shaped like sweaters while also WEARING a sweater (and, ya know, talking about the bakery).

video still

Next, my hometown newspaper, the Belmont Citizen-Herald, published a profile about Sweetheart.

wicked local

I’m so grateful to the people who work hard to highlight teeny tiny local businesses like mine, and to the customers, friends, family, and community members who helped make my little bakery’s first year a sweet one. My hope for 2022 is to bring whatever joy and comfort I can to your life as your neighborhood baker.

This month I’m taking a little break after the busy holiday business season (I’m STILL finding candy cane shards in weird places…​), but while I’m not accepting orders at the moment, I’m baking up some exciting new projects for 2022, and I’ll be back to help with your Valentine’s Day sweet treat needs.

See you soon!